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Our Philosophy

Welcome to Vanilla Bloom Natural Beauty Boutique…

.… where I've bought together a carefully edited collection of gorgeous natural & organic beauty products for those looking to make the switch to cleaner, greener beauty; including skincare, bath & body care, makeup, hair care and baby care.  The brands we stock are made by companies who love natural and organic ingredients as much as we do, and who focus on a more sustainable, ethical and greener approach to beauty.

Vanilla Bloom came about from a desire to access a selection of delicious skin and beauty products which weren’t riddled with ‘questionable’ and potentially ‘dirty, toxic’ ingredients.  These days you shouldn’t have to compromise effective and indulgent beauty products, just to have them natural.  However I was frustrated with shopping at other retail outlets, where the range was often limited and the store experience functional.  Just because I preferred a more natural and holistic approach, surely I still deserved a fabulous range of beauty products to choose from and to indulge my girly side along the way. 

So I created Vanilla Bloom Natural Beauty Boutique, a store full of gorgeous natural beauty, for a naturally gorgeous you.

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The Vanilla Bloom Philosophy

It’s simple really: Green Gorgeousness. 

I don’t believe in unnecessary synthetic ingredients in beauty products, so they don't get stocked.  Instead, the focus of the store is beauty that's cleaner & greener - fabulous natural & organic beauty solutions, which are loaded with active plant extracts and natural botanicals to help reveal your gorgeous true beauty, naturally.


Jo & the Vanilla Bloom team xx



Vanilla Bloom Natural Beauty Boutique is the gorgeous online store focused entirely on exceptional healthy, natural and organic beauty products from New Zealand and around the world; including natural skincare, natural sunscreen, natural deodorant, organic makeup & cosmetics, natural fragrance and haircare.  In order to be stocked, the natural beauty products we range need to be free from unnecessary synthetic ingredients & potential toxins such as parabens, petrochemicals, SLS, oxybenzone and sulphates; and instead embrace the spirit of a cleaner, greener, natural approach to beauty. 

Our promise to you includes free delivery within New Zealand for all orders over $59.00, free samples and complimentary gift wrapping.