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Nellie Tier Scent - Neroli & Rosewood 10ml

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Nellie Tier Scent in Neroli & Rosewood. A beautifully fragranced, natural perfume combining jojoba oil and pure essential oil blends.

Nellie Tier natural skincare products are based on the age old practices of phytotherapy and aromatherapy to nourish.  A hand blended range of luxury natural skincare products including face care, bodycare and bath products that focus on being safe, natural, fresh, sensuously luxurious, free from ingredients including parabens, SLS, mineral oils, artificial perfumes or colour additives.

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    Nellie Tier Scent Green Tea & Geranium NZ
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    Nellie Tier Scent Green Tea & Geranium NZ


To Use: apply as required with the convenient roll on application.

Ingredients:  Essential oil blends of Neroli & Rosewood.

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