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Dr Alkaitis

Dr Alkaitis

Origin: USA

Philosophy:  “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.”™ Dr. Alkaitis uses this absolute guideline in formulating his products, and has created a range of result orientated holistic skincare to help bring your skin into healthy balance.  In fact it's so clean it's edible, free from harsh chemicals or synthetic materials and never tested on animals.  

This hand manufactured range uses ingredients that are certified organic, ethically wild crafted and/or biodynamic. To accomplish this, Dr. Alkaitis has developed procedures that preserve the integrity of the living ingredients and their combinations. He makes his own extracts, using sophisticated techniques that allow him to work with the whole, high quality plants; root, stem and leaf because the therapeutic value of a plant is found in the plant as a whole, not just in a specific part.  

This unique intermingling of ingredients dramatically increases your skin’s ability to adapt to various damaging influences and invigorating it to support the tasks it’s programmed to fulfil. As a result it helps your skin to reach and maintain homeostasis; that balanced state where it's glowing with health.  This why Dr. Alkaitis doesn’t classify by fixed skin types, instead he offers a regimen to balance and strengthen your skin. 

We love Dr Alkaitis because: this is a range of high quality, holistic organic skin food that supports and helps balance your skin to its ideal state.  So by 'feeding' your skin these high quality nutrients it becomes properly nourished and healthy.

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Vanilla Bloom Natural Beauty Boutique is the gorgeous online store focused entirely on exceptional healthy, natural and organic beauty products from New Zealand and around the world; including natural skincare, natural sunscreen, natural deodorant, organic makeup & cosmetics, natural fragrance and haircare.  In order to be stocked, the natural beauty products we range need to be free from unnecessary synthetic ingredients & potential toxins such as parabens, petrochemicals, SLS, oxybenzone and sulphates; and instead embrace the spirit of a cleaner, greener, natural approach to beauty. 

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