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Black Chicken Perfume Oil #1 Transcendence 10ml

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Black Chicken Remedies Transcendence Perfume Oil is an instant mood elevator. 100% natural pure plant extracts, no alcohol, no toxic chemicals.

This fragrant signature blend contains the divine oils of Sandalwood, Geranium Bourbon, Patchouli, Lavender, Carrot, Ylang Ylang and Nutmeg. The gorgeous scent warms and alters with your body temperature. It absorbs through the olfactory system and into the body so this combination of essential oils communicate with your brain enhancing your wellbeing, and in the case of Ylang Ylang, this key oil has been known to significantly enhance your love life!

Apply to pulse points on neck, wrists and inner elbows for a powerful boost to well-being anytime, anywhere. 

Comes in a convenient pocket size so can go anywhere with you in your makeup bag or handbag. 

Why switch to a natural perfume oil rather from a regular alcohol based perfume or fragrance?

“One study showed many well known perfumes can contain up 250 synthetic chemicals, that are toxic. Why pay big bucks to risk your health when there is a cheaper, healthier alternative made from plant extracts cultivated by nature not in a test tube” Says Chey Birch creator of Black Chicken Remedies.

“Standard alcohol perfumes are synthetic, they have been over manipulated so any trace of natural ingredients isn’t recognised by the body and they have lost their ability to communicate with the body.”

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    Black Chicken Transcendence Perfume Oil NZ


To Use: Roll onto pulse points throughout the day, whenever you feel you need a freshen up.

Benefits: Essential oils absorb thru the olfactory system and into the body so this combination of fragrant, beautiful essential oils communicate with your brain enhancing your well-being. Sandalwood – Calming, reduces stress and tension; Geranium Bourbon – balances the nervous system, reduces anxiety and raises the spirit; Patchouli – helps to ground and integrate your energy; Lavender – helps alleviate stress and promote personal renewal; Carrot – has a cleansing effect on the mind and relieves feelings of stress and exhaustion; Ylang Ylang - can help with feelings of self confidence. Its heavy, sweet and seductive aroma has aphrodisiac properties; Nutmeg – invigorates and stimulates the mind

Ingredients: 100% natural ingredients. Essential oils of Sandalwood , Geranium Bourbon, Patchouli, Lavender, Carrot , Ylang Ylang ,and Nutmeg in a base of Sunflower oil. Key ingredient – Love!

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